Mediaite’s Weak Attempt at Attribution

Former Mediaite Managing Editor Colby Hall is gone. And his replacement, Nando di Fino, is moving on too. We can only blame this morning’s feeble attempt at attribution on Alex Alvarez’s story on CNN lifting Roland Martin’s suspension on the apparent waning guidance going on there.

This would not have happened under Hall’s regime. Or Nando’s for that matter. White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher makes a habit of making his attributions clear within his stories.

Fitting attribution on a story broken by another outlet typically happens in the first or second graph. But at Mediaite, it happened in a lame and misleading h/t after a pile of filler beyond the bottom of the story. The way the piece is written clearly purports that Mediaite broke the news when it did not. Nor do they add anything new to the news to justify not providing real attribution.

Watch out scribes. Hold onto your scoops, or better yet, let us know when it happens to you. We’re sure like most people they’re showering, but we also think it’s entirely possible that the newsroom is now passing around this unique cleansing bar.

(No links for thieves.)

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