Online Subscription Solution Raises $1.75M

MediaPass, a subscription manager for websites, announced that it has raised $1.75 million in series B funding. Established to offer monetization solutions for online content, MediaPass offers web publishers, big or small, a simple way to implement paid content models. While developing and applying a paywall can be complicated and time consuming, users of MediaPass simply need to copy and paste a few lines of code. The service is highly customizable, and allows users the options of metered paywalls and choosing specific content that requires subscriptions.

MediaPass recently became partners with WordPress VIP, and its WordPress plugin is one of the few officially certified by WordPress staff. TechCrunch reports that traditional newspapers are one of the company’s big targets, but with no upfront costs or obligation to long-term commitment, even a part-time blogger can use it. Twenty percent of subscription revenue is taken for maintenance, processing fees, fraud protection, subscriber support, etc., and the rest goes to users in the form of a monthly check.

With all the talk of foundering business models for online publishing, its ease of use and customizing abilities make it a heartening step forward. Part-time bloggers or major publishers, would you use MediaPass?

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