Meet Mobile Mikey

You’ll never be able to escape the clutches of Mike Allen. Not if Politico gets their wish. In this morning’s Politico Playbook, Allen lets us in on the latest in Politico technology.

A first tonight: MobileMikey, a Steadicam that will track Playbook’s movements throughout the night. Airs live on C-SPAN, on, on NewsChannel 8 in the D.C. area, and on our free iPad and iPhone apps.

You read that right. MobileMikey makes his debut. They are really strapping Allen up with a Steadicam to “track his movements.” Anyone who has ever been in a room with Allen knows that he has the attention span of a chimp on crack, so this might actually make for must-see TV. Who in their right minds wants to track a man’s every movement while he’s reporting? This isn’t like watching Lebron James play basketball. If you don’t think Politico is doing a great job with it’s election coverage, just ask Politico or Politico Publicist David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik on POLITICO’s Super Tuesday livestream: “Online political powerhouse a C-SPAN star … I watched Politico on C-SPAN, and thought I had died and gone to a heaven where television provided smart, savvy, real, semi-raw election night coverage again.

Really, David Zurawik, you thought you had “died and gone to a heaven”? I can think of a million things I’d like to see when I got to heaven and Mike Allen wearing a Steadicam isn’t one of them. Either Heaven really sucks, or you need a more active imagination, sir. Personally, I’d take the 70 virgins and honeycakes over Allen and a Steadicam. Then again, that Steadicam might come in handy in that situation.

Follow all of the MobileMikey action right here tonight starting at 6:30pm ET or on C-SPAN starting at 7pm ET.

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