Kim Dotcom Fires Back at ‘MPAA-Sponsored Indictment’

Alleged bad guy Kim Dotcom is countering the Hollywood studios for the first time publicly since his January indictment and website shutdown. Speaking via telephone from New Zealand with user Ernesto, the flamboyant businessman offered detailed examples of what he claims is an ability to refute pretty much every claim contained in the U.S. legal action.

One of several sidebars focuses on Dotcom’s contention that Hollywood was eager to work with his website. From the lead article:

Megaupload’s founder shared five emails with torrentfreak that were sent by representatives from big media companies including Disney, Warner Bros. and Fox. Instead of requesting mega to take down content, they suggested various partnerships.

Warner Bros., for example, asked megavideo if they could provide a tool to automatically upload content from the movie studio. “We would like to upload our content all at once instead of one video at a time,” Warner’s Joshua Carver wrote.

Dotcom also talked to about the surprising make-up of the site’s premium subscribers. This week, the first civil lawsuit against Dotcom was filed by the companies Microhits and Valcom.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.