MegaZebra Launches Solitaire Chronicles on Facebook, Mobile

Solitaire ChroniclesMegaZebra has launched its newest title on Facebook: Solitaire Chronicles. The game is the company’s first cross-platform title, having also been released on iOS, with support for progress syncing across multiple devices. Solitaire Chronicles is the sequel to Solitaire Castle, and sees players going on an adventure with a dog named Sparky, who has created a time traveling balloon.

Solitaire Chronicles begins in Edo-Japan in the year 1634, and sees players completing level-based puzzles by clearing cards from the board without running out of new cards to draw from the deck. Cards can be removed if they are one number higher or lower than the card in the discard pile.

Each level has a different assortment of cards on the board, and a different goal. While some may ask players to clear all of the cards without emptying their draw pile, others become more complicated, with worms added to key cards that must be removed from the screen. In these particular levels, players aren’t required to clear every card from the board, but instead must focus on those cards with worms attached. Still other levels ask players to clear every card on the board in a limited amount of time.Solitaire ChroniclesAt the end of each level, any remaining cards are turned into a bonus game, as they become the new board, and players have a single card to clear as many as they can for bonus points.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score. Users can compare their scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards. If players fail to complete a level before running out of moves, they lose a life. These recharge automatically over time, can be sent between friends as free gifts, or can be purchased with premium currency (real money). Premium currency can also be spent on extra cards so players won’t fail levels to begin with.

Finally, a booster system is also available, giving users joker cards that can be used as any card in the deck, as an example. Players are given a few of these jokers for free, and can purchase more with real money. In addition, users may earn these jokers for free as they create large chains of played cards without drawing a new card from the deck. To be specific, card chains trigger the appearance of ribbons on cards. When these ribbon-covered cards are collected as part of the same chain, they fill the joker bar for free joker powers.

Solitaire Chronicles is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is also available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. An Android version of the game is expected to launch next year.