‘Men’s Journal’ Drops Monthly Frequency to 10

Sharp ad page declines have forced many magazines to cut rate base or frequency to reduce expenses. Add to the list Wenner Media’s Men’s Journal, which will cut its monthly frequency to 10 times this year by publishing combined July/August and December/January issues.
“Like everybody, we’re trying to cut costs out of our system,” said Francis Farrell, publisher of Men’s Journal, adding that January and August tend to be light months for ad pages.
A handful of other men’s magazines already publish 10 times a year, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, National Geographic Adventure and Outdoor Life.
Wenner wouldn’t disclose the savings it expected to gain from the frequency reduction. Based on an industry rule of thumb of 65 cents per copy cost of printing and mailing, however, the company could be estimated to save more than $1 million.
Men’s Journal’s ad pages fell 41 percent to 301 this year through its May issue versus the same timeframe last year, which the company pointed out was a period of particularly strong ad page growth for the title.

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