Messaging App comiXchat Turns Your Conversations into Comics

Nubis’ messaging app comiXchat (pronounced Comics Chat) has launched today at New York Comic Con. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, and combines comic books with text messaging, as users are drawn into comic book scenes as they chat with their friends. The comiXchat app allows users to choose from a variety of standard avatars, and then animates these based on the tone and “attitude” of the text conversation between users.

The app’s artificial intelligence engine determines the proper setting for each conversation, changing an avatar’s body language and expressions, and the scene’s overall camera angles and lighting to illustrate conversations. Each time a piece of text is entered, it’s analyzed and appears a few moments later within an existing comic panel or new panels entirely. Chats can contain two individuals, or entire groups of users, who are all animated within the comic as is appropriate. Users can help the app along by choosing the proper facial expression for their text before it’s entered.

The app features illustrations from award-winning Australian illustrator Otto Schmidinger.

“I decided to make this comics world full of the most intricate and fantastic avatars so that the comiXchat world could be truly immersive,” said Schmidinger, in a statement. “To make this a complete experience, I decided to work with black and white only, and made the scenes look as if they were torn from the pages of a weird fantasy comic book.”comiXchatAs chats are illustrated, users can save individual frames or entire conversations, or share them with others on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms. While the app is available to download for free with ad support, a premium version is also in the works, and will offer an ad-free experience with additional avatar choices.

“Users are going to have the most fantastic experience when they see their chats illustrated like this. It happens before your eyes as you carry on the chat,” added Mark Goodair, co-founder of Nubis. “comiXchat is the only messaging app which can make every chat a comic with a unique and artistic look that is never duplicated. It takes the entire experience to a new level, giving chatters a whole world that is revealed and documented as their conversations progress.”

comiXchat is available to download on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store. To celebrate the app’s launch, the company is throwing a social media contest, with winners receiving autographed copies of their avatars, drawn by Schmidinger.