Messaging App Lettrs Launches SocialStamps for Advertisers, Charities

Lettrs SocialStampsGlobal messaging platform Lettrs has been updated with a new SocialStamps feature, not only creating more social functionality for the platform, but also introducing a new way for advertisers, personalities and non-profit organizations to increase their brand awareness or raise money for causes. With SocialStamps, Lettrs users can add a digital stamp to their notes, before sharing them with friends and/or the community.

These data-driven stamps can be shared individually to social networks (or through one-on-one text messages, for instance), and are viewable by users across the Lettrs userbase in 174 countries. For advertisers, promotional material can be embedded in the stamp and activated when added to messages within the network. These messages alone generated more than 750 million impressions in 2014.

screen1136x1136The first company to use a SocialStamp for advertising is RideScout, whose “RideScout Stamp” has been viewed over 18,800 times, and advertises the RiseScout app (an app useful in comparing city transportation options by cost or time).

With the launch of this feature, a variety of stamp collections have been released for users. For instance, the 2014 “Persons of Note” SocialStamp series honors individuals who have “made their mark” during this calendar year, and includes stamps for ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff, Gen. Stanley McChrystal of the Franklin Project for national service, and Michelle Phan, a millennial social media entrepreneur, among others.

As for charities, organizations including the United Way of New York City are joining the app with special stamps for fundraising. Each time this particular stamp is used within the app, $0.25 is donated to the United Way of NYC. This will apply up to a total of $5,000 in donations. Through the holiday season, Lettrs will fund donations totaling as much as $25,000 across all causes in the app.

“We expect the first social stamps network to be the crown jewel of the Lettrs messaging experience,” said Drew Bartkiewicz, founder and CEO of Lettrs, in a statement. “Advertisers, personal brands and charities can use the in-app stamps to deepen relationships with customers and supporters through elegant, tasteful, fun and permanent messages that consumers desire.”

Lettrs is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app aims to help users “share messages that matter,” and move away from the trend of short text messages that are convenient, but often lack meaning. Messages in the app can be shared privately between users, or with the community as a whole.

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