Want to Go to Space? Metro US Hopes So

Who doesn’t want to go to space?

That’s what Metro US is banking on – space’s universal appeal.

The newspaper company is sending one of its readers to the final frontier. Race to Space is a competition that begins today and through a collaboration with SXC – Space Expedition Curacao, the organization that will make the voyage possible.

To enter, readers have to submit an inspiring reason on why they deserve to go to space as well as take a quiz to test their knowledge of outer space.  Each Metro country will select one local nominee based on the number of Facebook “likes” and the quality of the submission and send their nominees to the global jury – comprised of members of both SXC and Metro International. In-depth interviews will be conducted before selecting the astronaut-to-be.

“To build a strong brand perception you constantly need to engage your audience in new, dynamic ways. The Metro way is to be bold and do the unexpected – like we did with  the Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld campaigns. I believe the collaboration with SXC, and Metro’s Race for Space, is an excellent way for Metro to do something which has never been done before by a newspaper,” says Priscilla Arguinzoni, marketing director, Metro US.

In addition to the space trip, the winner will receive astronaut training ahead of the 2014 trip, accommodation in Curacao, as well as the opportunity report from the training. The finalists will be announced on April 12, 2012 — in a global special edition dedicated to space and the future of space travel.