Metta World Peace, Meet the Star Brothers

Everyone else seems to have adjusted as if nothing is out of the ordinary. But for FishbowlLA, watching Sunday’s Lakers-Heat game and hearing color commentators talk about Metta World Peace‘s fierce effort on both ends of the floor still sounds decidedly weird.

It also got us thinking about who else in LA might be able to challenge Ron Artest in the epic, positive name-change category. The answer to that question turned out to be pretty easy. Four years ago, Kris Kancler (pictured), a substance abuse counselor and life coach, legally changed his name to Super Star so as to better connect with his teenage audience. His twin brother also followed suit – same day, same Santa Monica courtroom – swapping out Marc for Rock Star.

“The funniest reactions I still get today are when I pay for dinners with my credit card,” Super Star tells FishbowlLA. “The waiter-waitress always comes back with the question, ‘Um, very funny, is this for real?’ Then I have to go into the story of the name change, the celebrity tie-in to the Rockstar Superstar Project, and so on.”

“I never used to have to go through extra airport security with my old name,” he adds. “Today however, I am always tagged. For this reason, I always make it a point to show up an extra hour early just in case I run into an issue with boarding.”

We thought Super Star might have a Starbucks name, just to reduce the amount of daily background explaining. But he says, no. “It’s always Super Star,” he confirms. “I get silly glances, of course, but it also sometimes creates even more leads for my life coaching business.”

Best part about Krancic’s name change? He was convined to go for Super Star by Paul Stanley from the band KISS. Metta World Peace, you’ve officially been topped.

[To find out more about Super Star’s book, great mission, click here]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.