Michael Jordan’s Twitter Account Is Deep (And Fake)

If you want to “Be Like Mike”, you’d better start tweeting profound observations about your everyday surroundings. Or not.

The latest and greatest account on Twitter is @__MichaelJordan (with two underscores) – an obvious parody, but side-splittingly funny nonetheless.

The real Michael Jordan doesn’t have a Twitter account as far as we can tell, but his doppelganger is doing a great job on his behalf.

“Mike” has filled out his Twitter profile to read “I love basketball”, and has been tweeting pretty regularly – about once a day – for several months now. The account is over a year old, but it’s revved up its tweeting since the beginning of January. And in that year, Mike has racked up just about 11,500 followers – not to shabby for an impostor!

But the real gems are buried in the tweets. Pretty much every single one is funny on one level or another, as Mike ponders whether stars are in the sky or if it’s just planets and wondering whether he ever had blonde hair. Here are some of our favorite gems from @__MichaelJordan:

This account is (most likely) the reincarnation of the original @MichaelJordan parody account that had accumulated about 75,000 followers before Twitter shut it down.

Do you have a favorite parody account on Twitter? Share it with us in the comments below!

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