Birdman’s Colorful Background Cast

The daringly shot, daringly staged and daringly acted drama Birdman is soaring at year’s end across all manner of critics’ Top Ten lists. And if those same critics ranked movies based on the quantity (and quality) of background talent listed, the Michael Keaton showstopper would rank even higher.


Check out just a few of the colorful NYC characters credited with helping liven up the theatrical film proceedings:

Annoying Times Square Guy
(There are actually three different actors credited with this moniker)

Crazy Man (2)

Tourist with Bagel

Native New Yorker Theater Patron

Annoying Tourist

NYC Upscale Pedestrian

But as great as these role descriptors are, this group of performers must bow to co-non-star Josephine Pizzino. You know, the actress who portrayed Inmate Doing Tai Chi on a recent episode of Orange is the New Black. Pizzino’s Birdman role:

Usher/Audience Member/Crazed Fan/Stalker

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[Photo courtesy: Fox Searchlight]

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