Luck Jokes Do Not Thrill HBO’s Michael Lombardo

And the winner for PETA’s new least favorite television executive goes to former CKX president Marc Graboff, who, sitting on a Variety TV Summit panel discussion on the “state of the global TV industry,” suddenly went all Friar’s Club on the room. Asked for his favorite show on television, Graboff began his answer: “Not to beat a dead horse… Sorry Michael…”

“Michael” would be HBO’s president of programming Michael Lombardo, who did not look pleased. Plenty of groans all around the room in solidarity. Too soon, for Luck jokes, Graboff. Too soon.

We caught up with Lombardo after the panel asked him about the hit his network took on Luck’s cancellation. After expressing remorse at the deaths of three horses that ultimately precipitated Luck‘s demise, Lombardo noted that, emotional tragedy aside, the network is in position to absorb the financial hit the show’s cancellation inflicted.

“We’re not dependent on any one show. That’s the place we are and we need to be to be successful.

“We don’t monetize each of our shows the same way. Shows like Game of Thrones and True Blood are quite successful financially, and that allows us to experiment and takes risks.”

On a brighter note, we asked Lombardo the question every metro reporter in America wants to know: We’re gritty urban journalists… Can we have our own Wire, pleeeeease?

“The doors are open. David [Simon] would be the first to admit he doesn’t have a lock on gritty, urban dramas. That’s a pretty big world.

Unfortunately, our journalistically obligatory Luck question appeared to sour Lombardo on our show idea–“Gritty, Urban Drama.”

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