Microsoft Live Search 411 Lets You Ask for Real-Time Traffic Info

Microsoft Live Search 411 just added traffic information to their list of voice driven services…
Live Search Is Only a Phone Call Away
Live Search 411 sounds (literally, I just tested it out) like it is generated by technology from TellMe that Microsoft bought in back in March 2007. TellMe has been around since 1999 and offered interesting and useful voice driven services way back before mobile web services were useful (or even available).
Although we have a lot more mobile web services these days, it is often still simpler, faster, and probably much safer to make voice queries instead of tapping on a keyboard or screen while on the go.
You can try Live Search 411 by dialing…
1-800-225-5411 (1-800-CALL-411)
…in the U.S. I’m putting it in my contacts list.

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