Microsoft is Gifting Windows 10 to Users

Microsoft announced Wednesday that it will give its Windows 10 operating system away for free to customers, it introduced a revamped Office for mobile and it revealed that its Xbox One will stream to any PC or tablet

microsoftMicrosoft made some big announcements Wednesday, saying it will give its Windows 10 operating system away for free to customers, introducing a revamped Office for mobile and revealing that its Xbox One will stream to any PC or tablet.

If you haven’t been using Windows, you won’t get a free upgrade, according to The New York Times, which reported:

Microsoft said people using the two earlier versions of its operating system, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, would be able to update their computers to Windows 10 free for the first year after the new software is introduced … The move is intended to help Microsoft get the hundreds of millions of people running the older versions of Windows to upgrade quickly to the freshest version. In doing so, the company hopes to make life easier on software developers by giving them a much larger audience of users running the same operating system.

Microsoft also announced updates to Outlook and Office for mobile devices. You can see what it all looks like here. Across the board, all of the updates are forward-thinking and focused on seamless experiences. But what about a new Office for my Macbook?

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