Millennials Aren’t Shopping on Social Media (Infographic)

Marketers and retailers may see social as the next frontier for commerce, but millennials are not interested.

Marketers and retailers have been trying to push social commerce on social media users. Many see it as the next wave for social marketing, as it allows connection with customers, increased opportunities for conversion and instant purchases. However, millennials–whose buying power is expected to reach $200 billion by 2017–aren’t biting. An infographic from visual social intelligence and marketing firm GumGum examines how millennials use social sites.

Of the millennials surveyed by GumGum, 42 percent accessed Instagram more than five times per day, and 38 percent accessed Snapchat more than five times per day. Marketers may see this as proof that they need to market on both sites, but it’s important to understand why these users access so frequently.

37 percent of users surveyed said they accessed Instagram because they were bored, and 20 percent used it to communicate with friends. 53 percent accessed Snapchat to communicate with friends, 37 percent used it to watch Stories and 7 percent were there for celebrity snaps. Most users prefer to lurk rather than post, with 73 percent of Pinterest users saying they browse instead of post and only 40 percent of Instagram users posting images and browsing equally.

Perhaps the most damning statistics from this infographic relate to purchase rates. 99 percent of respondents indicated that they had never made a purchase on Snapchat. 94 percent of Pinterest users said the same, as did 91 percent of Instagram users. Additionally, 60 percent of respondents skipped ads if given the choice.

Social users are deeply connected to each other and to their preferred platforms, but that may not always manifest as instant boosts to conversion. Marketers that become one with the site and the communities there stand a much better chance. Simply representing the brand isn’t enough to engage millennials on their preferred platforms. View the infographic below for more information.

“No sale” image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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