Mitch Glazer’s Very Merry New York Shoot

Five days of Carlyle blizzard bliss.

During an interview with EW senior writer  Jeff Labrecque about the new movie Rock the Kasbah, Bill Murray’s longtime friend and collaborator Mitch Glazer touched on the pair’s other 2015 project: the upcoming Netflix special A Very Murray Christmas.

The basic premise of the one-hour program is that a New York blizzard prevents Murray from doing a big show, so instead he puts one on inside the hotel where he is stranded, with anyone that’s available. As Glazer recalled, The Carlyle hotel shoot turned out to be a festive example of life imitating art:

“It was the best work experience I’ve ever had in my life, the most fun, and there were two blizzards that week in March so we were virtually locked in to this beautiful hotel, living the film. You start singing those great Christmas songs with people you love, and Paul Shaffer is the musical director. I mean, my God, I would do that daily.”

That’s right. In March of this past year, Glazer was one of the very few – along with his lucky Carlyle colleagues – celebrating the clawing power of another brutal NYC winter.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.