U-T San Diego Editorial Board Still Loves Mitt Romney

Were these guys watching the same debate?

In the wake of last night’s binder full of shaky Romney moments, the editorial board of U-T San Diego has managed to put some inordinately bright spin on their preferred candidate’s Hofstra town hall performance. To the paper’s credit, the article leads with mentions that President Obama was “much better,” displaying more energy and a real sense of personal engagement. But the piece then goes on to over-emphasize the Romney highlights:

When the president made a statement that carried with it the implication that his policies had led to the U.S. oil and natural gas boom, Romney exposed the phoniness of that by pointing out the boom was on private lands.

The challenger also brought up a key point that the media never acknowledge: In 2008, Obama promised to introduce detailed reforms of Medicare and Social Security – but he “hasn’t even made a proposal on either one.”

Romney’s big Libya Rose Garden slip-up is framed with the adverb “arguably,” while a rhetorical conclusion suggests that Republicans may be happier with the overall takeaway message from last night than Democrats. All under a headline and matching permalink – “Debate: Romney Shows He’s Up to the Job” – that “arguably” remind where the new owner’s allegiances lie.

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