Mitt Romney’s Obama Dig at Iowa Senate Campaign Event

obama-romney-debateAt a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa for U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst on Sunday, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered a bit of standup comedy for the 150 attendees.

As reported by National Journal’s Shane Goldmacher, Romney prefaced an Obama-related joke with, “Now when you’re running for office people tell you, you shouldn’t tell jokes…But I’m not running for office, so I can tell one.”

The dig, which he said he received from a family member online went like this, via National Journal:

“President Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said you’ve got to prove who you are.”

“He said, ‘How should I do that?’ She said the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. They cashed his check.”

“And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet– hit it onto that target time. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.”

“And she said to him, ‘Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?’ And [Obama] said, ‘I don’t have a clue.'”

“And she said, ‘Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills.'”

Good. Get. Shane. Goldmacher.

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