Mob Wars Maker Gets Cuddly With Wildlings for iOS

Metamoki, known for its pioneering Facebook game Mob Wars, has officially entered the iOS gaming fray with Wildlings, its first release for Apple’s mobile platform. Combining arcade and strategy elements, the game — available now for $0.99 on iPhone and iPod touch — has players fighting to protect a nest full of baby birds from gaggle of nasty Creeps.

The basic gameplay mechanic is incredibly simple: Players tap their finger on a Creep in order to attack it. As the game progresses, players are able to control more than one adult bird, adding multi-touch to the mix. Some Creeps are faster than others, while yet another variety are stronger. The game starts calling on players to execute some strategy pretty quickly, as faster enemies must be dealt with first, while stronger ones require multiple taps to defeat.

Players also collect suns — which spring from their nest as well as defeated enemies — by tapping on them, and can spend them on activating power-ups, such as a sandstorm that briefly freezes Creeps in their tracks. A certain number of suns must also be collected in order to progress to the next island (with its own set of stages), and completing stages unlocks parts for the boat that must be completed in order to travel.

The game features a total of 45 levels across three islands. Players can try to best their friends’ high scores on each of them via Game Center and OpenFeint leaderboards.

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