Mobile Game News Roundup: Halloween 2014 Edition

Fruit NinjaHalloween is quickly approaching, and it’s likely that many of your favorite apps have been updated with content to celebrate this spooky time of year. Here’s a look at some of the frightening new apps and content updates you can now download on your mobile devices. Happy Halloween!

Fruit Ninja (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Halfbrick has partnered with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to bring Ghostbusters to its redesigned Fruit Ninja on mobile. This free update introduces the Ghostbusters Dojo and Proton Pack blade to users, and has turned all of the game’s fruit into ghostly versions of their former selves. Players can experience this gameplay in all three of Fruit Ninja’s modes, and can even “cross the streams” to earn tons of points using this themed blade.Red Bull Kart Fighter 3Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 (iOS, Android) – Red Bull Media House’s arcade racing game has received the “Unbeaten Tracks” update, complete with a Trick or Treat mode that contains five Halloween-themed courses and a Halloween kart. Small boxes are scattered across these tracks, which give drivers a nice bonus (a treat) or a penalty (a trick). It’s up to players to decide which boxes to collect or leave alone as they race.FarmVille 2 HalloweenFarmVille 2: Country Escape (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Zynga’s mobile farming game has been updated with a themed quest series and an event that sees them dressing up their barnyard animals for Halloween. This involves sending Farmhands to the game’s key locations to receive Halloween collectible items. After, these collectibles can be combined with “regular” resources, and eventually traded in for Trick or Treat Bags. These goodie bags contain everything from coins to granola bars, as well as those helpful costume parts and pumpkins, which are used to bring more visual fright to the farm. The ultimate prize for completing this event is a black cat, a new Farmhand that will remain on the farm after this event has ended (if it’s unlocked).CastleVille Legends HalloweenCastleVille Legends (iOS, Android, Amazon) – During the first stage of this two-part event, players collect rare goods and “spooky treats” in an effort to unlock the Waxy Beehive for their Kingdom. This item helps players during the second phase of the event, which sees users planting a new crop and completing a new crafting recipe to collect and carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. If players can collect all six jack-o-lanterns before the event ends, they receive special rewards like the Bountiful Scarecrow, which increases their Kingdom’s productivity.Clumsy NinjaClumsy Ninja (iOS, Android) – Players can dress up their ninja friend with new costumes, turning him into a pumpkin, skeleton or even a ghostly invisible ninja. While players are doing their own trick-or-treating, they can take selfies with the ninja to share with friends across Twitter and Facebook.Celtic Heroes HalloweenCeltic Heroes (iOS, Android) – One Thumb Mobile’s MMO is celebrating “the hallows” this month, with an update called Samhain: Web of Urchaid. This update features a huge battle with the great spider Urchaid, which wants to make humanity its slave. Players will be able to face off against new bosses and receive new raid loot, as well as purchase Samhain Mystery Chests, which are filled with themed fashions, scary masks, spider-themed instruments and even Nightflyer, a Bat mount.The Secret OrderThe Secret Society: Hidden Mystery (iOS) – G5 Entertainment and MyTona have teamed to release over 100 new quests, two new scenes, 22 new collections,and more to this free-to-play hidden object adventure game. During this update, players will meet the Archivist and will explore the Theatre and Forest House scenes as they discover more secrets of the Order, a society of individuals with the power to move inside magic worlds.Vampire TribunalsVampire Tribunals (Free on Android) – After previously releasing on iOS devices, Vampire Tribunals has come to Google Play, challenging players to join their vampire brethren in combat in a gameplay system that sees players utilizing their real-world locations to attack or defend their “domains.” In keeping with the real-world theme, the game sees factions affected by the seasons and phases of the moon, so factions in alignment with the current moon receive boosted stats. It should be noted this game isn’t for the youngest players, and is rated 12+ on iTunes, with a Medium Maturity rating on Google Play.Marvel Puzzle Quest BladeMarvel Puzzle Quest (iOS, Android, Steam) – Disney / Marvel’s match-three puzzle game has been updated with Blade the vampire hunter, who joins the game with rare powers for slashing at and otherwise crippling enemies. As Blade fights against his own vampiric urges, he provides a powerful offensive boost for any team that utilizes him in combat. Blade will be unlockable and playable even after the conclusion of this Halloween event on October 28, and will have his own Versus Tournament within the game, starting on November 3.Club Penguin HalloweenClub Penguin (iOS) – From now until November 5, players can complete an event surrounding a mystery at the Puffle Hotel. Gary the penguin’s great uncle Gariwald has gone missing, and players will need to go exploring through haunted floors, completing puzzles and collecting special items to help them uncover the strange occurrences around the hotel. Users will receive a special ghost puffle to capture and keep after the event ends.Piano City HalloweenPiano City (iOS) – Room 8 Studio’s rhythm and simulation game has received new music halls, over 20 new melodies and over 40 new quests, all wrapped up in a Halloween-themed design. For specific Halloween festivities, players can complete “festive daily quests.” The update features new songs from Sia, Psy, Europe and Katy B, among others.Firefly RunnerFirefly Runner (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Red Kite Games has released a Halloween update for its child-friendly adventure game on smartphones and tablets. The game sees players running through spooky new environments, and dresses up the main character, Switch, in a skeleton costume. Players must watch out for new enemies as they run and fly through environments, including dangling spiders and giant red hornets. Finally, 11 new achievements are available to unlock.Toca BooToca Boo ($2.99 on iOS) – This friendly children’s game follows Bonnie and her family, who love to scare each other. Players will explore two floors and six rooms, as they hide under tables, behind curtains and under duvets in an effort not to be seen in the light. Players can interact with objects as they explore the house, turning on kettles or rattling objects (as examples), to make other characters nervous.Plunder Pirates HalloweenPlunder Pirates (iOS) – This base-building combat game from Rovio Stars has seen cheerful pirates decorate the land with pumpkins, bats and spiders. Gamers can flip a switch to change the lighting on the island between sunshine and “eerie ghost town,” while also completing new events on the exploration map, including encounters with a Witchy Squid, Bone Ship, Behemoth Bat and Pumpkin Ship.Dream ReaverBattle Camp (iOS, Android, Amazon) – PennyPop’s puzzle battle game has been updated with new events, including a Halloween Dream Reaver event. Players can win new Halloween monsters, including the game’s first Legendary Halloween monster. Gamers can also win new Halloween avatar costumes.High School StoryHigh School Story (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Pixelberry Studios has added plenty of Halloween content to its high school simulation game, and has decorated the game’s buildings with bats, pumpkins and other festive materials. Players can complete new themed quests (some are free, while others are premium), purchase themed costumes for their students, and unlock two new character types: Goths and Werewolves (the latter is only available for a limited time).Hollywood HalloweenKim Kardashian: Hollywood (iOS, Android) – During the week before Halloween, players of Glu’s lifestyle simulation game will be able to collect candy and do Halloween projects to earn costumes. On Halloween itself, October 31, players can celebrate at Kim’s Halloween party. In addition, limited-edition Halloween gift boxes will be rewarded to players, containing “exclusive spooky bonus items.”Bingo PartylandBingo Partyland (iOS, Android) – To celebrate Halloween, players can enter the themed Bingo room called “The Haunted Kingdom.” Elsewhere, the game has been decorated for Halloween, and users can purchase Rubies during a 50 percent off sale beginning October 26, lasting through November 3.

Go Go Ghost (iOS, Android) – Beginning on October 29, players will be able to defeat the evil pumpkin boss and his minions, who are eating all of the candy in Ghost-Ville. A special “Nightmare Mode” is available for a limited time, and players can take down this boss for plenty of candy points. The more points players earn, the more rewards they’ll potentially receive, including the new Pumpkin King character. This event ends on November 5.Hellfire HalloweenHellfire: The Summoning (iOS, Android) – From October 26 to November 3, players can complete the Timewarp battle, with “death-bound knights” literally fighting for their lives against ghoulish monsters. Special Halloween-themed card packs will be rewarded to participating players.Monster MatchMonster Match (iOS, Android) – Starting on October 26, DeNA’s puzzle battle game will be updated with a content pack known as “Trick or Treat: The Judgement Day.” This update will see players assisting Thanatos in an effort to stop a wave of undead monsters from terrorizing the game. A new Nightmare dungeon will be available to players, with new challenges and rewards for players to complete and earn. This event will end on November 3.

Qube Kingdom (iOS, Android) – Starting on October 29, players can complete the Qreepy Hollow event, with unique Halloween-themed collectible characters that will only be available for a limited time. Players will have a chance to collect two character heroes, the Werewolf and Pumpkin Head, but this event ends on November 4.

Super Battle Tactics (iOS, Android) – On October 29, DeNA’s tank battle game will receive a “haunting” new arena, and players can gear up to take on Halloween-inspired tank enemies. This event runs through November 3.

Mucho Party ($2.99 on iOS) – GlobZ has updated its multiplayer party game with two new games, a Halloween-style interface, a new pumpkin avatar and overall Halloween-themed “surprises” in most of the games. The overall app offers more than 30 arcade mini-games based around a variety of themes, from fishing and soccer to car races and running.Diner Dash HalloweenDiner Dash (iOS, Android) – During the game’s “Get the Ghosts” event, players will compete against their friends to capture as many ghosts as possible, and will win prizes like boosts and coins for participating. The event’s grand prize is Flo’s Witch Hat. This event is available to players that have reached at least Level 11 of the time management game.Ruzzle AdventureRuzzle Adventure (iOS) – MAG Interactive’s word game has been updated with a Halloween world, complete with 25 new levels full of “Halloween treats and spooky surprises.” These levels include two new gameplay modes. One is called Angry Pumpkins, and sees users spelling words to trap pumpkins on the board. The other mode, Static Pumpkins, sees users spelling words around each pumpkin on the board. Finally, players can accept the challenge of Ztephan the Skeleton King, earning a secret treasure in the process.

Kill Shot (iOS, Android) – Hothead Games’ first person shooter has seen zombies overtake the local county fair, and players will need to complete new missions to eliminate them. Players can kill five types of zombies: Walkers, Runners, Armored Dead, Blisters and Hurlers. A new selection of weapons has also been added to the game, including the Anti-Zombie rifle.Family Feud and Friends 2Family Feud & Friends 2 (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Ludia’s take on the popular television game show has been updated with new survey questions related to Halloween, along with unique medals to earn and a “Fraidy Feud” tournament mode.The Price is Right BingoThe Price is Right Bingo (iOS, Android) – The latest version of Ludia’s branded Bingo game features a new Halloween-themed Bingo room, in addition to a collection of classic monsters to complete. In this Halloween room, players will work to save Penny from Zombie Hans by daubing numbers to clear a path for her to escape from the monster.

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