Mobile Game Roundup: Iron Desert, Best Fiends and More

Swipe 3As we end the month of October, our minds may be on Halloween, but there are plenty of new, non-holiday-themed games that launched on iOS and Android devices that you may have missed this month. Here’s a look at just a few of them.

Swipe 3 (Free on iOS) – WildTangent’s 2048-style puzzle game [pictured above] sees players swiping on the screen to connect like-colored tiles. Unlike its number-based counterpart(s), Swipe 3 requires users to create groups of three matching items, rather than two. Players make matches by swiping on the screen, with all squares moving in the swiped direction, until they hit another square or the edge of the board. The game offers multiple visual themes, including an option for colorblind players, with some themes available for in-app purchase.

Kingdom Siege (Free on Android) – Netherfire Entertainment’s strategy war game allows users to build their kingdom and an army before taking their units into battle. Instead of just attacking other bases to pillage their resources, the game focuses on actually conquering and occupying enemy cities, expanding the player’s borders and influence within the world. Players research technologies and can upgrade their hero over time, while multiplayer functionality allows users to attack other players’ cities, chat in real time and more.

Iron Desert (Free on iOS, Android) –’s base-building combat game challenges users to create and defend an outpost in the desert, building an army to take into combat against rival bases. Users collect resources and train individual military units, and can deploy these units during battle while also spending energy to fire separate weapons at enemy targets. Social features include the ability for users to form alliances with other players, or send units like tanks, helicopters and hummers to help others during combat.

Best Fiends (Free on iOS) – Seriously’s puzzle battle game sees players collecting monsters in the world of Minutia, leveling these creatures up to unlock their special powers. The level-based title challenges players to make matches with elemental symbols by tapping and drawing a line to connect three or more symbols in a chain. Each level has a limited number of moves, so players must defeat all of a level’s monsters before running out of moves. Gamers collect currency and keys as they complete stages, with keys being used to open locked crates, and currency used to make their creatures stronger.

Cosmic DJ ($1.99 on iOS) – GL33K and Devolver Digital’s music game is described as “part music sequencer, part game [and] part toy.” In the app, players create their own “jams” with the goal of repairing the “intergalactic Jamtenna” through a series of quests. These quests include helping lost lovers reunite, or returning a Corgi’s head to its body. Users can create their own album art for their creations, before sharing them to Soundcloud.Dragon Quest IIDragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line ($4.99 on iOS, Android) – Square Enix has released the second game in the Erdrick Saga Trilogy, which features its own original story and is described as a “great entry point” for newcomers to the franchise. The open-world adventure game sees players exploring dungeons across multiple continents, finding treasures and leveling up their characters through touch-screen control options designed for either one or two-handed play. The game is does not include in-app purchases.

Recall: The Memory Jogger (Free on iOS) – This title from Kuato Studios offers a multiplayer memory challenge for users. Players are presented with facts and must memorize them as quickly as possible before rearranging the individual list items or words to their original order. The game offers six categories of facts, including movies, sports, science and history, and offers seven mini-rounds and quizzes in each match. One quiz, for instance, may have players learning the box office totals for popular films from 2013, and then quickly rearranging these films based on the amount of money they earned. Players can unlock achievements and complete daily challenges as they play.

Fast Finger (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – BluBox Games’ maze running title sees players tapping and dragging their finger on the screen to navigate 240 individual mazes while avoiding obstacles. These include spinning saw blades, missiles and more. Players can activate shields and time boosts, and will earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on how quickly they completed it. Players can compare their stats with friends and other players via global leaderboards, and users will unlock achievements as they clear each chapter. Everyplay integration allows users to share instant replays of their gameplay to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Pug Rapids (Free on iOS, Android) – Bite Size Games’ river rapids title sees players helping navigate a pug through rushing waters, tapping on the screen to move the pug across multiple lanes. Each round of this endless “runner” contains a different layout of the river, and players will need to avoid the river banks to keep going. Coins float on the river, and can be collected for extra points. The longer the pug floats downriver, the faster the rapids flow and the harder the challenge becomes.

MeowMix (Free on iOS) – This Tetris-style match-three game sees players making matches with colorful cats at they fall from the top of the screen in multiple configurations (like the multiple shapes of pieces in Tetris). When three or more cats of the same color touch, they can be manually removed from the screen with a tap. That is, cats won’t automatically disappear, so players can choose to create large groups of colored kittens to earn more points when they finally do remove them from the screen. However, this plan is risky, as the game ends when a column of cats passes a line at the top of the screen.

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