Mobitel Launches Television Ad Campaign Touting Facebook Support

This morning I stumbled across an interesting video of a Sri Lankan television ad in which Mobitel is promoting their new service which provides Facebook support. Interestingly enough it doesn’t appear that Mobitel is offering anything unique in that it simply integrates through Facebook’s mobile interface. I couldn’t tell you if Facebook was invested in this campaign or not but it appears that Mobitel is not the largest mobile provider in Sri Lanka.

Currently Facebook has over 220,000 users in Sri Lanka, which has a population of around 20 million. The style of the ad is pretty interesting in that it’s just a video recording of a live bus promotion. The funny thing about the advertisement was listening to the promoter yell about poking other people. I bet Mark Zuckerberg never expected that someone in Sri Lanka would be yelling on a bus about poking.
Anyways, I think it’s interesting to see the peoples’ reactions even though I have no idea what the promoter is saying most of the time. Check out the video below.

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