More Holes in Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story

Rolling Stone’s UVA rape story continues to unravel. According to The Washington Post, the three students in the story told by “Jackie” — “Randall,” “Andy,” and “Cindy” — all dispute the account that was laid out by Rolling Stone’s Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

The three students claim that Jackie told them that she had been forced to perform oral sex on five men. In the Rolling Stone article, Jackie said seven men in the Phi Kappa Psi frat pushed her onto a glass table and then raped her. Randall, Andy and Cindy all told the Post that they urged Jackie to go to the police, but she declined. In the Rolling Stone piece, the trio of friends are described as telling Jackie not to tell the police because they feared it would hurt their social statuses.

Additionally, all three friends claim that Erdely never contacted them. In the Rolling Stone account, Erdely wrote that Randall wouldn’t speak to her about the event because he wanted to remain loyal to his frat.

The Post reported that the name Jackie gave her friends as her attacker didn’t match any name in UVA’s records. Also, photos of the man Jackie had shown to her friends were actually of her high school classmate; someone who had not been to Charlottesville in six years.

As more details about the Rolling Stone piece are called into question, it makes us wonder — when will someone at the magazine be fired? Not only should Rolling Stone retract it entirely and publish an account of how they got it so wrong, anyone who touched the article should be sent packing.

The Jackie story was a damning piece that had widespread impact — on Jackie, her friends, rape victims, UVA, the UVA frats and more. The only people who have avoided any real consequences are the very people who never should’ve published the piece in the first place. That needs to change.

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