More March Stats: Facebook #1 Site in US by Time Spent, Connect Sites Reach 40 Million Uniques (Updated)

Additional stats from Compete are in for March, and here are some interesting numbers:

Time Spent Across Facebook & Facebook Platform

Facebook is now the #1 site in the US by time spent by a large margin, with Yahoo, Google,, and eBay rounding out the top 5. Americans spent over 7 million hours on Facebook in March. However, Compete does not break out how time spent on Facebook Connect sites contributes to this number – it could make an appreciable portion of the overall total.

Reach Across Facebook & Facebook Platform

With 91 million US uniques in March, Facebook is now the 4th largest site by reach in America, trailing Google, Yahoo, and (However, this number includes Facebook Connect uniques, as described below.) The main Facebook site saw 73.4 million US uniques in March, which is still higher than the numbers Facebook reports for itself.

Compete estimates Facebook saw about 1.5 billion US visits in March, which averages out to about 16.8 visits per user for the month. That ballpark makes sense, since Facebook says over 50% of users visit the site every day.

Reach by Facebook Connect

As Facebook rolls out Facebook Connect (the company says it’s installed by over 8,000 sites thus far), the number of unique users reached by sites which have implemented Facebook Connect continues to skyrocket. Reach grew by 71% in March to over 40 million US users.

However, just to be clear, this does not necessarily mean that a large number of those users have authenticated through Facebook Connect. Rather, this means the number of users visiting sites where Facebook Connect has been implemented is going up – a factor which is playing a role in Compete’s measurement of Facebook overall, as noted above.

Reach by Top Application Developers

Compete doesn’t clearly break out top application developers. If it were able to, I’d expect to see some of them climbing the unique visitors charts. AppData is tracking around 20 developers with 5+ million monthly users, and the largest developers are seeing nearly 40 million monthlies.

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