More SPJ News: “Transitional Memberships” For Laid-Off Journalists

Journalists laid off in the next 12 months can take advantage of a free offer from the Society of Professional Journalists—up to six months’ membership extension, SPJ president Dave Aeikens told us today.
Though the details are still being worked out, the board did approve the “transitional memberships” at the April 18 meeting, so the deal is official. It’s only good for existing members who lose their jobs between April of this year and April 2010, Aeikens said.
The membership will be a “digital-only” membership, so you’ll have to read Quill online, but you’ll still get the networking opportunities and other SPJ benefits. And, Aeikens says, “the board put in a provision that would ask, not require, but ask 5 hours of SPJ service a month.”
Stay tuned for a big announcement in the next few weeks at

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