Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

No South Park for the Dickerson children

“Another successful Documentary Night. Kids loved this NOVA/National Geographic on mystery of da Vinci painting.” — CBS News Political Director John Dickerson.

How a press secretary spends his Sunday

“Nothing like two hours in the office on a bright, warm Sunday afternoon. Blech.” — Sen. Chris Coons‘s press secretary Ian Koski.

Uh, creepy.

Julianne Moore charming (and, uh, low cut) on red carpet, describing how she listened to Palin’s book on tape and tried to capture her” — The Daily Beast/Newsweek/CNN host Howard Kurtz in a recent skeevy tweet from the “Game Change” screening at the Newseum late last week.

Babe. Slut. What’s next — skank?

“Listen, Rush has only called me a babe on the air. So I don’t know if that’s a gateway word to slut, but so far we’re okay.” — Liberal radio host Stephanie Miller on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday.

Arianna addresses daylight savings

“We lost an hour of sleep last night. Bad timing: I had to get up at 5 (body time: 4am ) for a flight to San Fran. How’d you fare? #sleepweek” — HuffPost/AOL’s Arianna Huffington.

Question to ponder: “When did ‘you’re fine’ become an acceptable thing to say to an apology.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman, who spent the weekend in Alabama. He couldn’t resist a reference to a Grateful Dead song with this: “Alabama getaway.”

Bret takes weekend off Twitter

“Make it a great weekend! I am heading home and turning off my iPhone for a weekend with the fam. No tweeting until Monday! Have a good 1!” — FNC’s Bret Baier. And yes, he stuck to his word! Only one follower remarked on it. MsRoey (teacher by day, mom by night) wrote, “You rock Bret. Have a good one!”

The world is her oyster

“Enjoyed oysters and sparkling wine with my realtors yesterday after a lovely day of house hunting.” — Kimberly Leonard, a health reporter at the Center for Public Integrity.

Self-appointed Media Critics

“David Gregory has turned meet the press into the voice of the Democratic Party. Tim Russert would be embarrassed.” — Former U.N. Spokesman and crisis communications specialist and HuffPost contributor Richard Grenell.

“As I watch Sunday Morning shows, can’t distinguish reporters from politicians proving it’s insider game that leaves you on the outside.” — Former CNNer Rick Sanchez.

Rumors and Gossip…A waiter at Mon Ami Gabi in Bethesda recently spilled the beans about Washington tippers. For instance, he said, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton (now a FNC Commentator and senior fellow at A.E.I.) is stingy — a 10 percent tipper — while U.S. Sec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano veered in the other direction at 25 percent.

Pssst…a journo tells us Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews band was spotted hanging around Georgetown this weekend.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.

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