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Quotes of the Day

Wolf & Cee Lo: Hip Hop collides with Washington

“Ran into @CeeLoGreen at Atlanta Airport. Very nice guy and strong talent.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a tweet at 8:25 p.m. last night.

Journo Love

“Anybody who knows and loves @maggiepolitico needs to tell her to get some sleep fast.” — Politico White House reporter Glenn Thrush.

Baier Vomit

“Thank u!” MT @JonathanCapps8 “Bret Baier, don’t always agree -but will always be a loyal viewer. I’m in CA, have the DVR set to auto record you.”

Journo survives day sans Twitter

“Wow, I was too busy to tweet today. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Leaving work tired, happy, and ready for a beer. We’ll try again tomorrow, Twitter.” — Kiplinger‘s Caitlin Dewey.

Weigel, Einstein inevitably linked

“That guy @daveweigel is the Einstein of the incomplete tweet.” — Reuters media writer Jack Shafer.

You’re a ‘ridiculous jerk’ if…

“Am I the only one who thinks you’re a ridiculous jerk if you quit on the pages of the NYT? Isn’t that like asking for a divorce in an op-ed?” — WaPo‘s “Right Turn” blogger Jennifer Rubin.

Goddammit Comcast, don’t you know who D. Shuster is?

“Despite polite efforts by my family, @comcast still refuses to carry @current in my IN hometown. New tactics coming, including #dropComcast” — Current TV’s David Shuster.

Michelle O. is rolling in her vegetable garden over this…

“I am going to reward myself for eating this healthy salad of mixed greens and tomatoes by following it up with this delicious cupcake.” — WaPo Express‘s Sara Schwartz.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.


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