Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Spring has sprung

“#DC forecast: Spring arrives. Few a.m. showers possible. Highs: 71-76. Stray p.m. shower. Overnight, 51-57. #Weather” — WTOP




Santorum’s wife wrong about God

“Santorum says his wife’s first response to idea of him running was: ‘I will not pray about it. God cannot possibly want you to do this.'” — HuffPost‘s Jon Ward.

Nasty Convo Between Two Journos

MSNBC and Mother Jones‘ David Corn: “So Rush took a shot at me. (Audio coming.) If only he’d called me a ‘slut,’ then book sales would explode! #Showdown.”

Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor: “Hi, I’m @DavidCornDC and I’m not accustomed to attention beyond the 50 viewers tuned in to MSNBC.”

Publicist urges Piers on questioning Karen Santorum

“Please say Piers Morgan has the balls to ask uber-pro life Karen Santorum about the time she lived w an abortion doc 30 yrs her senior.” — Publicist and former ABC “This Week” Producer Courtney Cohen.

Yesha humorously remembers her middle school bangs

“My bangs were always frozen when I was in middle school…I’m sure we helped ruin the ozone layer in 7th grade.” — Yesha Callahan. Callahan is the female blogger to whom ex-Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) emailed a shirtless picture of himself on CraigsList. She writes for Blogher and The Fresh Xpress.

The extent of Weigel’s compassion for Seamus

“That’s kind of where I’m at. I like dogs, agree that this was a creepy thing to do, but 29 years later…” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel on GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney strapping the family dog to the roof. He also admitted he doesn’t have a dog and remarked, “Unless the dog suffered some long-term damage, why do I care.”

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