Morning Reading List 10.02.12.

1. Not What, But Who Howie Knows… The Daily Beast, CNN and The Daily Download‘s Howard Kurtz can’t resist letting us all in on how many people he knows. The lede on his Daily Download story this morning: “When I bumped into David Axelrod the other day, I couldn’t resist ribbing him about the upcoming campaign faceoff in Denver.” Really Howie, you couldn’t resist? The story goes on to illustrate the “silly ritual” of lowering expectations before a debate by inflating the skills of the opponent.  An unoriginal story with no profound or new insights. Howie says the “media narrative” and the replayed clips will determine how the candidates do Wednesday night.

2. ‘Boob Booze’ — A feature story by Elizabeth Bernstein published just after midnight last night in The Daily Caller might raise a few eyebrows — it highlights a company that dribbles liquor down the breasts of an international Playboy model before selling it. The story contains an amusing note: (Ed. note: This website is probably not suitable for work, unless you happen to be an employee of The Daily Caller). Read the story by Taylor Bigler here, but if you work in most Washington newsrooms might want to be careful if your editor or HR Director is around.

3. Facebook meanies and fatties — Watch out. Spend too much time on Facebook and you could lose your oldest friend. Or worse: Spend too much time on Facebook and you’ll be fat, in debt and dumber than you were previously. Such is the sentiment of a story in the WSJ published last night that depicts why people engage in online battles. The gist: “Browsing Facebook lowers our self-control.” The piece is backed by five studies.

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