Morning Reading List 10.15.12.

1. Writer tries hand at butt chugging — You might recognize the byline on a current story in Vice magazine on butt chugging, the practice recently made famous by a college student who found a new, back door to getting smashed. The author is former Daily Caller reporter Jeff Winkler, who tries in vain to get himself liquored up from behind. The results weren’t quite what he was expecting. Nor was the cleanup.

2. WaPo Date Lab Disaster — And then there was one. WaPo magazine’s Date Lab takes a strange turn this weekend as a man gets left in the dust right after salad is served. The woman hints that something happened just before she made her way to the bathroom and out the door. But she’s not talking. Read the story.

3. Maureen Dowd on the Veep debate — NYT’s Maureen Dowd tackles last week’s V.P. debate in her column on Sunday. In it she mentions the moderator, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz: “I knew Raddatz would be tough because I once saw her dress down a male clerk at a Marriott hotel in Saudi Arabia who told her that women were not allowed to use the gym.” Righty and Lefty journos will be pleased to say she ripped into both V.P. Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan. Read here.

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