Most Say De Niro ‘White First Lady’ Joke Was Funny

The results of our latest Fish Poll are in and the conclusion is clear: Most everyone (apart from GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich) has a sense of humor.

Yesterday we asked if you thought actor Robert De Niro should have apologized for a joke he made this week at a Democratic fundraiser about the United States not being ready for a “white first lady.”

De Niro did apologize, but 52 percent of respondents said he shouldn’t have, answering, “No, it’s just a joke. Come on, even I laughed.” And 34 percent said, “No, it wasn’t funny but there’s no need to be so uptight.”

Last night Gingrich went on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” and maintained that De Niro’s joke was wholeheartedly inappropriate. Piers pressed him on having a sense of humor — Gingrich assured in his usual arrogant tone that of course he does.

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