Much Debate Over Parsons’ Faculty Shifting/Firing

Even if his main line of work has suffered some ups and downs lately, Tim Gunn probably feels fairly fortunate that he left Parsons the New School of Design in exchange for a life of celebrity when he did. In case you missed it, news came out that a slew of faculty members at Parsons were told that they would no longer be teaching in the fine-arts department after the summer or let go entirely. This has created something of a firestorm, with the faculty upset, other schools like Columbia chiming in to call the decision things like “anti-artist” and “anti-culture,” and Parsons releasing a statement right away to quell some of the anger, saying the whole thing is about union contracts and the regular shifting of faculty between semesters. Of course, no matter how it all plays out, this is certainly not boding well for the school’s president, Bob Kerrey, who has been at odds with the faculty since he took over roughly eight years ago. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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