Muck Rack; Now A Good Thing For Journalists

Journalists have found the power of Twitter! It only took them three years and, oh yeah, people on the site breaking stories like terrorist attacks in Mumbai and pictures of a plane that crashed into the New York City Hudson. Okay, okay, they were a little slow, but at least they found it. The question is, how do we now find them?

Well the Chicago Tribune has decided to update their masthead to include Twitter names and that’s all well and good, but it’s only one paper&#151besides if publishers are to be believed, no one is reading newspapers anyway, so it’s likely we’ll never see the masthead. Then there’s Muck Rack, a new Twitter page that is logging every journalists who creates a Twitter account. So, like the idea of following Tweets from journalists working for NPR, NYT, WSJ, CBS News, CNN and other news orgs, but don’t have time to put them all in your personal feed? Muck Rack has just made your life 100 percent easier. Check it out!

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