Muck Rack. Tomorrow’s News Today – Twitterized

Sawhorse Media, the guys behind the Shorty Awards, launched a new site this afternoon called Muck Rack, which follows leading journalists’ Twitter feeds.
Asking the question, “What if you could get tomorrow’s newspaper today?” the site simply aggregates the Tweets of popular journalists including ABC’s Jake Tapper, NBC’s David Gregory, The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn and AirAmerica’s Ana Marie Cox.
The thinking goes, what these journalists are Tweeting right now, is the news that will appear in their online piece or broadcast story. Or maybe you’ll just learn what they had for lunch.
The site separates the journalists into the companies they work for, allows you to reply and retweet and has adds links to their Websites. You can also recommend reporters that should be followed on the site.
So far, in it’s two-hour old life, there’s no advertising, but if you read into Sawhorse Media CEO Greg Galant’s Tweet – “Thanks! We hope to get rich slowly doing it” – that could soon come.

@ChrisAriens Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.