Murdoch Sons Are Best Friends

Sounds almost too good to be true.

thr-murdochs-thumbLachlan and James Murdoch, sons of Rupert Murdoch and equal partners in Rupert’s media empire, are eager to explain that there is no animosity and/or jealous between them. Lachlan is co-executive chairman (along with Rupert) and James is CEO of 21st Century Fox.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, there was plenty of brotherly love on display. When asked why James was named CEO and not Lachlan, the latter replied, “It really wasn’t an issue for us. We thought it made sense. Functionally, everyone reports to both of us equally. We make the decisions together.”

“Lachlan and I are actually partners and equal shareholders in the business and are equals, even though we partner probably in a similar way in terms of the way they worked together,” continued James. “It seemed to make sense to do it this way.”

Both brothers also dismissed a rumor that they fought during board meetings. “No, not true,” James said. “Actually, I don’t think we bicker.” Lachlan took things a step further with the unbelievable statement, “I don’t think we ever disagree.”

Pressed on that, Lachlan stood his ground and said that he and James had never “had any major — or really any minor — disagreements with respect to where the direction of the business needs to be and how we prosecute that.”

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