Muriel Bowser Sworn in As Mayor of DC


It’s been 9 months since Muriel Bowser beat Vincent Gray in the general election, and this morning she has finally been sworn in as the seventh elected mayor of the District of Columbia.

Bowser, who spent seven years on the D.C. Council, called it her life’s “greatest honor” during the ceremony at the DC Convention Center which former mayors Tony Williams and Adrian Fenty attended.

“Today, we inherit past successes and failures and overdue promises,” said Bowser. “But most of all, we inherit the great expectations of a deserving people.”

She continued, “it’s my charge to make [D.C.] greener, healthier, safer and more fiscally stable than we find it today.”

Bowser also pledged to have other “grand expectations” like winning the Olympics 2024 for Washington. The 42 year-old Bowser becomes second female elected DC mayor in 40 years of District self-rule.

Video courtesy of The Washington Examiner.

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