Musician Releases DIY Cardboard Turntable with Limited Edition Album

We live in an age where it is easy and simply to download MP3s online, so it is always fun to see an artist engage with fans by making and selling a physical piece of music.

Springwise has uncovered a recent project by the Canadian DJ Kid Koala.  This artist is about to release his next album and he has a new way for his fans to enjoy his music. In addition to MP3, CD, and vinyl, Kid Koala is also planning to release a  premium priced kit which fans will be able to assemble into a finger powered turntable.

This video shows one of the kits in action:

Here is more from the article:

The package also includes a flexidisc containing three bonus tracks, which can be played on the turntable by rotating the disc by hand. The album itself is a nostalgic take on blues and hip-hop and the turntable addition is designed to invoke the old-time aspect of blues music and toy-building activities reminiscent of childhood, as well as forcing the listener to put in some work and attention in order to hear the music.

The kits will come with the limited edition CD or LP releases, and they don’t add nearly as much to the price as I expected. It’s only an extra couple pounds sterling.

via Springwise

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