No Joke: Myspace Exec Offers Advice to Yahoo

FishbowlLA thinks it takes some balls for the head of a company Rupert Murdoch had to unload for a net purchase price loss of $545 million to chime in with thoughts on how another suddenly embattled media firm might proceed. But that’s just what former Myspace president and current-outgoing CEO Mike Jones has done today at TheWrap under the headline “How to Fix Yahoo: The Innovator’s Dilemma.”

Towards the end of the matrix illustrated two-pager, Jones shares a most unfortunate Myspace tidbit. He writes that at the sputtering social network, he and his colleagues often debated whether to “upgrade the ship or move the passengers into new ships.” Insert Titanic joke(s) here.

It gets better. Jones actually has the gall to commiserate with Yahoo’s current predicament, suggesting that “we failed to capture the attention of the world–as did Yahoo’s $100M rebrand campaign.”

Oh no, Mr. Jones. You definitely captured the attention of the world. But in your case, it was thanks to an expertly run “debrand” campaign. Next time, please have Justin Timberlake write the op ed.

[In a separate TheWrap article this week by Sharon Waxman, Jones was hyped as belonging on the short list of Yahoo CEO candidates.]

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