Mystery Messages Hidden Object Game Launches on iOS

CodeCraft and Sky Design has announced the launch of its puzzle game, Mystery Messages, on iOS devices. Instead of players taking on the role of a hero, in Mystery Messages, players become the villain, crafting ransom notes by using words cut from newspapers and magazines. In each level, players must find the words in each scenario to create the proper note for the occasion.

Mystery Messages offers 15 replayable stages of increasingly difficulty, 12 of which are free. The other three, along with a printable wall calendar, are unlocked for $0.99. In each stage, gamers are presented with a phrase, and must recreate this phrase by finding the proper words scattered around hidden object scenes. Words come in multiple sizes and orientations, and players can pinch-to-zoom for a closer look at the word pile.

Players must find the required words before running out of time, but can find these key words in any order. In some cases, there may be more than one individual cutout of a single word, but players only need to find one to complete that part of the phrase. If players fail to find their words in time, they can retry the stage, but will be searching for a different set of words to complete a new phrase.

Tiny star cutouts are also scattered on each game board, which can be used to purchase two tools: a hint that automatically points out one required word, and a clock that freezes the timer for a short time. Players can purchase additional stars with real money, or can earn a few for free by sharing the game with others, or inviting their friends to play.

Mystery Messages is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is coming soon to Google Play.

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