Nabbr Sets Its Sites on the Under 25

When asked to name the biggest players in online video, most people would rattle off YouTube, Hulu, and Yahoo!. But there’s a new player in the space, especially for younger users: Nabbr.
With this week’s release by comScore of the top video sites in March, Nabbr broke the Top 10, ahead of Disney. And March was the company’s first month providing full data for comScore.
So, what is Nabbr?

Nabbr calls itself the leading Gen Y online broadcast video network focusing on marketing to younger users. Nabbr broadcasts online video through a proprietary network of more than 400 social profile personalization sites.
“Internet video plays have shown increasing value for brands trying to attract Gen Y consumers who spend more time watching online and less time watching TV,” says Mike More, CEO and Founder of Nabbr.
In the 12-24 demographic, the March comScore report shows viewers watched more than 47 million videos on the Nabbr network, more than Yahoo!, Microsoft, CBS Interactive, Turner Network, or Disney Online sites. By comparison, Facebook ranked 14th in video plays within this age group, accumulating less than a third of Nabbr’s total video views. “This data supports our long-held conviction that Generation Y is driving viewership of online video,” says More.

@ChrisAriens Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.
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