SPMD Nanigans’ Q3 Facebook ads report: Global CTR up 195 percent YoY


Nanigans, a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, released its latest Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report recently, which features insight on marketplace trends seen by Nanigans customers in Q3 2014.

The report found that CTRs for Facebook ads continued to climb in Q3, a sign that Facebook users are engaging with advertisers’ messages at increasing rates.

nanigans Q3 2014 1

Other highlights include:

  • Insight on the most popular and most effective Facebook ad types for direct response marketers;
  • Desktop and mobile advertising spend trends; and
  • Global and vertical-specific trend data on CTR, CPC, and CPM.

Despite rising per impression ad costs, advertisers saw a stronger performance in the quarter. The report highlights key trends seen by companies leveraging Nanigans advertising automation software to manage and scale their performance marketing campaigns on Facebook.

nanigans Q3 2014 2

Those key trends include:

  • Facebook’s three main direct response ad units dominated with Unpublished Page Post Link Ads, Mobile App Install Ads, and Domain Ads accounting for 95 percent of total ad spend;
  • Ad budgets on mobile continue to trend upward, representing 62 percent of total spend;
  • Global CTRs continued to rise across social and mobile, increasing 195 percent year-over-year to an average of 0.56 percent in Q3 2014;
  • CPCs declined quarter-over-quarter to $0.53, and rose 30 percent year-over-year; and
  • Effective CPMs and CTRs increased in Q3 2014, while average CPCs dipped slightly, indicating that demand for and performance of Facebook advertising continues to grow. Despite higher effective CPMs, advertisers are still able drive more engagement and clicks at lower costs.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.