A Full Pot of #NationalCoffeeDay

Way bigger than we ever imagined.

The hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay is at the top of today’s U.S. and Canada Twitter trending lists. But take a guess at how many other countries around the world are also marking this Sept. 29 occasion…

If you estimated anywhere near 19 other countries, brew yourself another cup. We’ve written occasionally about the provenance of so-called National Days, but this one takes the coffee cake.

The calendaring of National Coffee Days now extends from April (China, Portugal) to Oct. 1 (U.K., Sri Lanka, Pakistan). And while Saturday is supposed to be the day in the United Kingdom, a bunch of folks there are celebrating our National Coffee Day.

As if all this isn’t confusing enough, Saturday Oct. 1 is also, as first proclaimed last year, International Coffee Day.

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