National Journal Debuts Revamped Hotline Race Tracker

Hotline Race Tracker Landing Page

With just two weeks until November’s midterm elections, National Journal’s enhanced Hotline Race Tracker was repositioned before the paywall today to offer users detailed information on specific state races.

Visitors to the site navigate by state, with the opportunity to choose from a list of upcoming elections. Users choose a specific race and are brought to a page compiling recent poll results, campaign finance data, and the social media activity and reach of candidates.

Come election day, NJ’s Hotline Race Tracker will move to, and be updated with state and race specific results in real time. And on Wednesday, November 5, National Journal will digitally produce the “New Member Yearbook” on the 114th Congress, available in print the following week.

Information provided in the tool, which was built in-house, is also downloadable for subscribers, who exclusively have access to the latest Hotline coverage specific to each race. Tracker information for non-subscribers will be accessible through November 7.

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