NBC’s Brian Williams on DC Drivers’ Strange Fear of Precipitation

brian-williamsBrian Williams was in town last night to host The Friars Foundation’s Lincoln Awards at the Kennedy Center, but took a moment to stop by WRC-DT’s 6 p.m. local news with Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler.

Prompted by Vance’s comments regarding DC going “berserk” yesterday after three to four inches of snowfall, Williams began mocking the area’s drivers for their fragility in inclement weather (justifiably so).

I mentioned that on ‘Nightly News’ last night. I called your streets delicate because about a third of my life — this is to you ladies and gentlemen of the district and the surrounding area — I remember cars being abandoned on Rock Creek Parkway in a rainstorm. So, I just knew it was dicey here yesterday.

Vance then asked if Williams agreed with the president’s assessment that Washingtonians were “weather wimps,” to which he replied:

I have to say, and again, my love for the district and its surrounding area is well established. I met my wife here, we both worked at Channel 5 across town. And of course, I’ve been coming here as a guest for 21 years, however, I’ve never seen a collection of drivers all from another place, all of them mystified by precipitation. There is nothing quite like being on Chain Bridge at 5 o’clock in the afternoon when the first snowflake appears to put fear in the heart of a driver. Jim, back to you.

Well played, Mr. Williams, well played.

Video courtesy of NBC Washington.

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