Negative Reviews Curbed with New Inline Application Reviews

A few weeks ago we reported that Facebook developers were seeing a large surge in negative 1-star and 2-star reviews without text comments because of a new “review on uninstall” flow. There was much criticism of new process on the Developer Forums, but today the forums tell a different story. Facebook has begun rolling out side-wide reviews widget atop application canvas pages asking users for their review on the current application.

Some notes about the new feature:

  1. Text based reviews are still absent. This is likely done on purpose to procure more reviews, since on average a user is more likely to rate an application than type out a thoughtful text review.
  2. This is first time we’ve seen foreign (non 3rd party) code appear within the context of an application canvas page. To date canvas pages have been entirely designed by developers. While a collapsible review widget should not cause any problems (and the benefits of this far outweigh any consequences), it is something to consider when designing your canvas pages.
  3. There have been a few reported bugs but Facebook has already on top of them.
  4. If you removed the reviews application from your application about page, you’ll want to add it back to harness these ratings.

Overall, this is a great move from the Facebook Platform team. Not only does is make developers satisfied, but should actually improve the usefulness of the Reviews application in general.

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