Netflix Is Trying to Become a Consumer Electronics Influencer

Would you buy a TV with a gold star from Netflix?

We’re used to Netflix recommending movies. But the TVs that you would watch those movies on?

The company is collecting recommendations from consumers based on a few different criteria including how fast a TV turns on and how quickly apps launch. They will also be tested by Netflix engineers. TVs that make the grade will get a “Netflix Recommended TV” logo affixed to it. TechCrunch, which calls it “a virtuous circle of co-branding opportunity,” says no money will change hands in all of this.

The program, introduced at CES , is a move towards making Netflix more than just an entertainment provider, but an influencer. And not just influencing what people watch, but how they spend their money. It’s an attempt to become an authority in areas of quality and value; a brand that customers turn to for expertise. It could be the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for TV technology.

And it’s a great idea for Netflix. It’s one thing to create award-winning content (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black) and build a profitable company. Another piece of that pie is to create a strong brand with a reputation that cuts across different areas of entertainment.

The first TVs with the logo will be available in the Spring and will include different brands and prices, including Sony and Sharp. All of them will be Smart TVs. (Samsung is notably missing from the list. The announcement was made at the LG press conference, a major competitor.)

It’s a step in a slightly different direction, but an interesting one for Netflix. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this becomes a label that shoppers — and TV manufacturers — seek out.