Netmarble’s GoGoGo: Racer Speeds onto Mobile

GoGoGo RacerNetmarble US has today announced the launch of Go!Go!Go!:Racer in North America for iOS and Android devices. Known overseas as Race Cha-cha-cha, GoGoGo: Racer is a mix between an endless runner and an arcade racing game, challenging players to race through crowded city streets on a quest for revenge after their car is intentionally sideswiped.

In each game of GoGoGo: Racer, players use directional arrows to move between lanes of traffic, while a jump button allows the car to jump over the car in front of them. Users collect coins and gold bars on the road, and can drive through special question mark boxes to activate the power-ups inside. One power, for instance, offers players a huge boost of speed that allows them to plow through all other cars without losing that speed for a short period of time.

Players can drift behind other cars to activate a slip stream boost, picking up speed as they finally pass the vehicle, with each near miss adding to the current “Go Combo.” The higher the combo climbs, the more bonus points players receive.

Finally, players will race against rival vehicles that appear at certain moments when driving, and will receive major bonus points if they catch and overtake them.GoGoGo RacerPlayers race until their car runs out of gas (or they can hit a checkpoint, which refills the tank), and they can spend their gold to upgrade their car’s gas mileage, maximum speed or acceleration. Users can purchase over 60 cars in all, which are, by default, available for premium currency. However, cars also have unlock missions players can complete over time to unlock the option of purchasing them with gold coins.

In addition to cars, players can purchase new drivers, each with a special skill. Drivers cost premium currency, and one may offer an extra fuel tank during a run, while another creates a magnetic field around the car, pulling in all nearby gold while racing.

“We’re extremely excited to finally bring Go!Go!Go!:Racer to North American players today,” said Seungwon Lee, executive vice president of Global at Netmarble Games Corp, in a statement. “We’ve fine-tuned our endless racer and added new features to guarantee the high-octane entertainment never stops, turning every driver into a daring racer!”

GoGoGo: Racer is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.