Networking’s Seven Deadly Sings

In her column, Shine, Marci Alboher, author of One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success, discusses seven common mistakes people who are using networking to obtain a job typically make.

1. Asking for an introduction when you are too busy to properly follow up: You learn that someone you know knows someone you want to know and you are champing at the bit. You shoot off an email without much deliberation, the person replies promptly…because you’re completely swamped, you find it impossible to make time to meet.
Solution: Next time you learn that one of your contacts knows someone you want to know, file that information away and tell your friend you might ask for an intro when you’re less busy.
2. Sending a too-long email that asks no question: These emails usually contain some variation of “can you help?” as the header. The body of the email rambles on, hinting at some need, but never quite articulating a question…
Solution: When asking someone for advice, for an informational interview or for any other help by email, write a succinct note and be clear about what you are asking for.
3. Making introductions on behalf of people you can’t vouch for: We all want to help people find new opportunities, but it can be damaging to your relationships and reputation to recommend people when you can’t vouch for them…
Solution: Next time a friend asks you to make an introduction on behalf of someone you don’t know, instead of blindly recommending the person, ask your friend if he or she can provide a rave review.

For the full report, check out Marci’s column here.

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