New CareerBuilder Survey Reveals Hiring is Up for Last Quarter

It looks like the last quarter of 2012 will be rocking and rollin’! Okay, maybe not exactly rocking but from the looks of a new CareerBuilder survey, more than 2,000 employers reflect an optimistic outlook for the remainder of this calendar year.

For instance, 26 percent of employers indicate they will add full-time employees within the next three months which is increase by five percentage points from last year. Furthermore, this is really good news because it’s starting to reflect estimates prior to the recession.

The survey was conducted from mid-August until early September and included 2,494 hiring managers and HR professionals in addition to 3,976 employees across various industries.

The numbers reflect the most optimistic outlook since 2007! Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder indicated in the press release: “We’re seeing continued evidence of stability and growth in the U.S. job market. A dramatic upswing in hiring is not likely to happen in the near term, but we’re setting the stage for better job creation in 2013 and beyond.”

And in case you’re wondering, considering the election will occur smack in the middle of this quarter, about 22 percent of employers said presidential election results will likely impact their hiring for 2013 whereas 48 percent indicated it won’t have an impact. The remaining 30 percent are undecided.